Intellectual Property and IT law

DALDEWOLF has among its lawyers a specialised team handling issues relating to intellectual property rights and IT law. The team has a wide experience with complex issues of copyright and neighbouring rights, trade mark law and the protection of confidential information. More generally, the team treats all legal questions arising from the use of digital and online technologies (IT contract, e-commerce, protection of personal data). Other questions relating to the use of information (offline and online) are treated by the IP/IT tam (media law, freedom of expression, libel and defamation, other harmful expressions).

DALDEWOLF assists its clients during the preparation of contracts (licence agreements, IT contracts), for the analysis of complex questions and legal proceedings (including the specific proceedings for infringements of intellectual property rights, such as cessation proceedings or seizures).

Our clients are active in various sectors (IT consultancy and development of software solutions, big data, e-commerce, retail, music and publishing) and work for clients that are in different stages of their development (international and Belgian companies, established enterprises and startups): we always offer a flexible approach, tailored to the needs of the client.

The attorneys of the practice group IP/IT are specialised in their field and have a particular interest in new technolgoies. Sari Depreeuw has an academic background in copyright and teaches a class of intellectual property at the Université Saint Louis.  

Our Intellectual Property and IT law team is composed by Sari Depreeuw en Chloé Ponsart.


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Some conferences

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"Het recht van mededeling aan het publiek”, 20 Jaar Nieuw Auteursrecht, Fondation Universitaire, Brussels, 16 January 2015,

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